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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 07 August 2007 18:32

Surya Devi Mandalee

The Surya Devi Mandalee has always been an integral part of our mandir's progress since its inception in 1993. They became a formal group in 2003, when Shri Surya Narayan Mandir was moved to its current location, and took control of many activities. This group of "Sunshine Ladies" has become the right arm of the mandir's management committee. With the blessings of our Spiritual Leader, Pandit Ram, the first President of the Mandalee was elected, and the standard was set for many of the activities that the Mandalee still organizes today.

This group currently organizes tours and yajnas, cleans the mandir, and cooks for mandir events. The most important duty of the Mandalee is to keep our mandir exceptionally beautiful. They take special pride in decorating the altar and murtis during special festivals and holidays throughout the year. 

The Devi Mandalee also organizes activities alongside the youth group, such as the youth camp, shows, classes, Family Day, indoor and outdoor activities, and most importantly, the mandir's fundraising activities. Additional to the mandalee, the cooking group makes sure all food is prepared and served every Sunday and during all other religious occasions. This task of serving all devotees of our mandir is an embodiment of one of the four pillars of Sanatan Dharma, namely, Daanam.

This group currently maintains a strong membership, and is always looking to recruit others. Perhaps, the Surya Devi Mandalee can be considered one of the strongest pillars of Shri Surya Narayan Mandir. May Surya Bhagwan continue to give strength to this group as they perform their dharma.

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